Aura Cleansing

An important part of maintaining overall well-being and also in developing your psychic abilities is to be aware of your auric field and how aura cleansing will protect it. Everyone has an aura, which is an oval energy field made up of several layers, extending approximately three feet around you. Aura awareness and cleansing are achieved through techniques including the balancing of your chakra system. Unbalanced chakras are reflected in your aura, but at times, you might be unaware that an imbalance exists. Sometimes you just feel out of sorts and do not know where those feelings are coming from. Whether or not there is an imbalance, it is a good idea to cleanse it periodically, just in case any negative energies are lingering.

Your aura is very susceptible to taking in another person’s energies without you even knowing it. For example, you may be in a great mood before a party, in anticipation of connecting with old friends and their acquaintances. While having a great time at the party, you may suddenly find that your mood changes and becomes one of sadness or anger, for no apparent reason. When you arrive back home and reflect on your unexplained mood swing, you may deduce that there had been some type of intrusion or invasion of your aura. This type of incident is an indication that your aura needs cleansing.

To cleanse your aura is an act of personal healing because it holds information about your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It continually processes positive and negative information about your personal experiences, your five senses and even your sixth sense – intuition.

How can you cleanse your aura and keep it safe from another negative invasion? Try the following technique. This is where chakra awareness comes into play. To begin, focus on your root or grounding chakra, which is the first of the seven major chakras, located at the base of your spine and associated with the colour red. Envision it having a red light extending beneath it, anchoring it to the earth. Next, imagine yourself engulfed in a shower of brilliant, golden light extending down from the sun. This light penetrates throughout your body and your aura. Imagine this light engulfing you for some time. Then envision a violet light extending from the soles of your feet to the top of your head that acts as a warming, protective blanket. Believe that this violet light has the capacity to heal and protect any gaps within your aura. These gaps need to be closed, as they inadvertently allow negative energies to flow through. This imagery will begin the aura healing and cleansing process.

At this point, you should begin to start feeling yourself becoming stronger, starting to release the negative energy and feeling more at peace with your mind, body and soul. Also, you will now be more open to attracting heightened divine energies. Meditate on this sensation for some time. When you feel comfortable, imagine a white light surrounding your cleansed aura for additional protection. This should help remove all of the negative energies you may have attracted.

You can now reap the benefits of a cleansed and healthier aura. However, this meditation takes practice and you may have to repeat it several times before you will be comfortable using these healing lights. If you find this cleansing process difficult and not giving you the results you were looking for, there are individuals who specialize solely in aura cleansing.


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