Distant Energy Healing

Energy healing has been practiced for ages in many societies. The advent of long-distance communications allowed us to stay in touch with relatives and friends that may live thousands of miles away from us. With this modern freedom, at times we find ourselves in a situation where these people are going through a difficult period in their lives, or are sick, recovering in a hospital, and we can’t be physically present to provide the support we would like to.

If we are considering helping with non-physical energies (bioenergies, chi, prana), we can ask ourselves about distance energy healing: how it works, how to transmit it to another person, how long it takes, how would the other person receive it and finally about the healing process itself and the discernment.

Volumes could be written about healing, energy healing, or distance healing more specifically but in this article, we will focus on energy healing done from a distance.

How does long-distance energy healing work?

The most common modality of distance healing is to send energies to the person that we want to help. Nonetheless, distance healing can be based on other non-physical mechanisms, for example, you could get out of the body and meet those you would like to help while they are in the same state and talk to them. This could help even if they do not remember the experience the next day since they might have worked out the problem from a different perspective and experience this as an “insight” or “inspiration” later on.

Another possibility in the OBE scenario is that you would send energies directly to the astral body (psychosoma), which could help for situations where the intention is to help from the emotional perspective. For instance, our friend may be in a turbulent period with lots of emotions, and a more serene state would help to get clarity on the needed decisions to be made. In a case like this, exteriorising energies with a serene pattern towards your friend, when you meet him/her outside the body, could help in the process.

Another modality would involve helpers (or spirit guides) that would actually do the extraphysical work. When you think of the person you want to help, this might trigger extraphysical actions of your own helpers or the helpers of the person that needs assistance.

How to do Distance Energy Healing

The best attitude here would be to think “may the best happen to the person”. Helpers, as defined in conscientiology, have two main characteristics: lucidity and cosmo-ethics. “Lucidity” because they know enough to take an action that will actually help in the context of many lives of that individual. “Cosmo-ethics” because the ethical thinking, decisions, and actions are based in personal principles that include multiple lives, multiple dimensions. It also means that helpers have a more thorough understanding of the cause-and-effect in this broad context. Helpers will not help someone if their actions bring harm to others, for example.

A mental frame of mind that is unbiased but optimistic will make it easier for you to contact and connect with helpers. You may acknowledge that you don’t see the big picture but have confidence in your intention to help. The most typical form of distance healing is probably where one person is sending energies to the one that will be helped.

The technique to send energies is the exteriorisation technique. In essence, you are sending some of your energies to the other person. This can be done at will, there is no need for visualisation, imagination or any particular ritual. Energy work can be learned and performed by anyone, however, it should be taken seriously. One recommendation is to avoid creating a pattern of exteriorisation, where you are giving energies every day at the same time.

While certain techniques and practices should be followed, it is important not to mystify the process. When we think of someone, we naturally connect with them and send energies. The exteriorisation aims at amplifying this process. If the intention is good and the means are cosmo-ethical, you are off to a great start.

Source: http://uk.iacworld.org

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