Third Eye Chakra


Intuition, Insight, Psychic Awareness

The Brow chakra is the seat of dreams, inner vision, spiritual direction and wisdom. The Third Eye Chakra is situated in the centre of the brain (not the centre of the forehead). Life lessons of the Brow Chakra include ‘reality checks’, detachment, understanding, open-mindedness, trusting your intuition and psychic abilities, self-realisation, and releasing repressed negative thinking. The wisdom within the Third Eye include seeing clearly, both symbolically and literally, intuition, wisdom and intellect. A Sixth Chakra imbalance might be experienced as a learning disability, poor coordination, and sleep disorders.

The Ajna Chakra colour is indigo and shades of dark blue. The Sixth Chakra is connected to the sixth layer of the aura, the Celestial layer. This layer of the aura is associated with the process of enlightenment and the experience of spiritual ecstasy. It is your source of connection to unconditional love, the Source, of God.

Deep blue crystals such as lapis lazuli, sodalite, sugilite, azurite and purple fluorite are used for Brow Chakra balance.

Brow Chakra essential oils and flower essences are lavender, rosemary, spruce, peppermint, frankincense, patchouli, clary sage, wild oat, Queen Anne’s Lace, madia, or elemi.

Ajna Chakra foods include dark blue fruits such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, and grapes. Drinks like as red wine and grape juice, and spices like lavender, poppy seed, and mugwort help to balance the Brow Chakra.

The most potent and direct way to open the Third Eye is with sacred sound.

Third Eye Meditation Music:


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